Our daily lives and work are not split into a math part, science part, history part, and English part. Children don’t experience the world this way either. Instead, they live in a truly interdisciplinary fashion. What students learn at Tamim Academy of Queens, and how they learn it, more closely resembles the varied ways in which any of us acquire knowledge and apply skills in the real world. Understanding the relationships between different fields of study is key to a student’s education. The result: a deeper, fuller, richer understanding of a world that is truly interconnected. Through hands-on labs and project based learning experiences, we bring together science, technology, engineering, social studies, arts and math as children attempt to find new answers to real world problems.

At the Tamim Academy of Queens, we have created a rich Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning curriculum. Students work on a project over an extended period of time that engages them in solving a real-world problem or answering a complex question. Our students are fully engaged in creative, intellectual, technologically sophisticated activity that is of the moment and always relevant to real world events and issues.

Students respond to learning and understanding in a variety of ways. The product is no more valuable than the process, but is lasting and one of a kind. Academy students create artifacts and produce musical and dramatic representations. Their result may be a stop motion movie of a famous scene from the Revolutionary War, a 3-D representation of a New York City skyscraper, a mixed media representation of a historical figure and research report, a gravity rollercoaster built from found materials, or a paper Mache representation of an animal alongside an “All About” book.

“At Tamim Academy, we mirror the real-life world, teaching with collaboration, deciphering what each student can bring to society. The foundational work of Chabad philosophy, Tanya, is filled with goal building techniques. Using good midos, and academics are where the fundamental goals and capabilities of children shine.”
Dina Blesofsky, Founder & Head of School


Parents are an integral part of the Tamim Academy community. The partnership between families and the Tamim Academy is vital to the healthy growth of children. We encourage family participation and involvement in our school functions and special events.

One of our most anticipated parent projects each year is our Building & Bonding Menorah event, sharing Chanukah’s ‘light’ with all of our families. We have an annual tradition of each student creating a one of a kind Kosher menorah with a family member. These unique Menorahs often become a family treasure that lasts for years to come.

“We integrate our students in a manner that sets them up for a 21st century lifestyle and gives learning meaning by teaching in a relatable fashion.”
Dina Blesofsky, Founder & Head of School