The wonder of childhood is palpable as you walk through our doors. The sights and sounds of students’ active learning and industrious engagement are found throughout our building. Students are exploring, organizing, and creating meaning of their discoveries. They are learning. They are building relationships, learning to resolve conflicts, negotiating and regulating their behaviors, making choices and solving problems.

Our school is housed in a two story building that is easily accessible to children, adults, and individuals with disabilities. In addition to spacious and bright state-of-the-art classrooms, we have two large outdoor areas, an indoor multi-purpose room, and kitchen. Viewing the environment as the “third” teacher, our classrooms are designed to be resources used by students and to encourage constructive work and active learning.

“At Tamim Academy, we mirror the real-life world, teaching with collaboration, deciphering what each student can bring to society. The foundational work of Chabad philosophy, Tanya, is filled with goal building techniques. Using good midos, and academics are where the fundamental goals and capabilities of children shine.”
Dina Blesofsky, Founder & Head of School