At Tamim Academy of Queens, our mission is to empower and inspire learners through Torah and academic knowledge making our world a better place. We strive to provide an extraordinary joyful and wonder based educational experience for children, mindfully partnering with parents to facilitate the social, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional, and spiritual development of every child and family. Our students have opportunities to discover and explore the world around them. They are engaged and, most importantly, happy.

We strive to ignite our students’ passion for Torah and secular learning. We stress the importance of the process of learning and believe that often knowing how to find the answer or ask the question is more important than the answer itself. We encourage students to try things for themselves, to explore and draw conclusions without fear of failure. We provide opportunities through which children come to value themselves, other people, ideas, skills, responsibilities, and hard work. Our students appreciate the unique qualities and contributions of themselves and others.

Our approach to education provides students the best of all worlds. They get to savor their childhood while also acquiring a deep academic foundation and developing responsibility, leadership and a strong Jewish identity. We prepare them to be lifelong learners and inspire them to impact the world around them by cultivating a commitment to Torah, middot, community and academic rigor. Students develop self-confidence and self-awareness, enhance their academic skills and creative capabilities, and build their individual Jewish identity in a caring environment preparing each child for success in the 21st-century.

“At Tamim Academy, we mirror the real-life world, teaching with collaboration, deciphering what each student can bring to society. The foundational work of Chabad philosophy, Tanya, is filled with goal building techniques. Using good midos, and academics are where the fundamental goals and capabilities of children shine.”
Dina Blesofsky, Founder & Head of School
“We aim to build a wholesome child who is proud of his or her Jewish identity, in an environment of love where mental health is paramount.”
Rabbi Yossi Blesofsky, Chabad of Northeast Queens Executive Director